The Rolling Stones are still moving forward their album reissue series, and 1978's "Some Girls" got its makeover last month.

This month, a little extra arrived from the set: the U.K. rockers' frequently bootlegged "No Spare Parts" got itself a music video, in addition to, finally, a formal release. The clip takes you back to the year of "Girls'" birth, asking "Where were you?" when the band was back at the top of the Billboard 200 with an album. The song itself is a melding of today and yesterday: it got some new vocals from Mick Jagger and guitar-work from Keith Richards and Ron Wood.

"Some Girls" earned the band its keep with help from "Miss You," "Shattered" and "Beast of Burden"; the latter was included as bonus swag on the "Super-Deluxe" version of "Some Girls," as a single. There's also a clip of "Beast of Burden" performed live in 1978, below.

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