We already fawned all over Swedish pop star Robyn when it came to her "Dancing on My Own," culled from her "Body Talk Pt. 1" EP.

Now it's on to "Pt. 2," as she teases the track "Hang with Me" by taking viewers on the road. There's a whole history of music videos trying to make touring look sexy, when 90% of the time the very nature of touring is boring and dangerously samey-samey. But the singer sure does make that 10% seem liveable, even when it comes to the cheap road food and staring out of tour bus windows. The track itself is "blissfully, painfully" '80s.

"Body Talk Pt. 2" comes out Aug. 17 and "Pt. 3" of the trilogy comes out some time after that.

And keep your eyes open, New York: Robyn is playing here tonight (July 28) and at Webster on Aug. 4-5. She played a private show with Kelis in L.A. on Friday, and, man, that must've been rad. Just sayin'.

Robyn - Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

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