"Case 39" has all the warning signs of a stinker. It was shot in 2006, has already been shown theatrically everywhere else in the word but here, and has been thoroughly drummed by the critics,(currently holding a 24 % rating on Rotten Tomatoes.) However horror fans may want to take a peek at the six clips and one featurette below and decide for themselves if its worth a trip to the cinema this weekend.

The Renee Zellweger thriller, directed by Christian Alvart, features a social worker who thinks she's saving a girl from an abusive household, but finds that her abusers are less human and more demonic in nature.

Yes, it may have some strikes against it but there's a few things that might make one reconsider: It's audience rating on RT is a closer to decent 42%. From the look of these clips, the special effects are definitely passable and spooky.  And third, it's got Bradley Cooper covered in bees, a feature that may be worth the price of admission alone.


"Case 39" opens today in theaters everywhere



Convinced she's on fire


Busting down door




Running from demon




Bradley Cooper Featurette