"Red State" may mark the first time veteran director Kevin Smith's done a horror film, but it was a genre inauguration for at least two of his actors.

Michael Angaramo and Kyle Gallner played two of a trio of teenaged boys in the flick, who have submerged themselves into a unique bout of trouble: the three "horny guys" seek out to sleep with a prostitute, and end up with one who has particular fundamentalist and religious baggage, so to speak.

Angaramo found his character's trouble-making ways to be odd juxtaposition to his other 2011 Sundance flick, "Homework," having to switch between promoting a "beautiful" romantic comedy to the horror of "Red State."

"It's very intense dark stuff," he told HitFix during the premiere's red carpet, though he said Smith kept the set  "light."He's an easy going guy. You'd laugh at how much levity there was between takes."

"I only know how Kevin is on this movie," Gallner said. "But he's not gonna mess with you unless there's a problem." He add's that Smith's "crazy, doesn't sleep" and makes changes on the fly.

Check out what else Angaramo and Gallner had to add about "Red State" and on their future projects and aspirations.

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