Radiohead was only rumored to play at Occupy Wall Street in New York a month ago, but the band's frontman Thom Yorke took time out to DJ for an Occupy London party on Dec. 6 this week.

He was joined behind the decks by Massive Attack's 3D, and both band men had loads to say about the current political and economic protest movement.

Yorke revealed his interest was piqued by the film "Inside Job." "I didn't understand how this stuff works... it's interesting, there is so much sympathy for it," he said in the on-camera interview. He nor 3D made much eye contact with the camera, weirdly. "You dont need to be an anarchist... to have sympathy with that viewpoint... if government is not prepared to really make amends to British people for this by penalizing banks the way they should, then we should do it ourselves."

He nor 3D (real name: Robert Del Naja) clarified exactly what prompted a DJ set but the performances may help fund the Occupy London movement: as per the website, "The performances have been recorded for an album and HD video, to be made available to help raise money for Occupy London and the wider Occupy movement. Both will soon be available on a “pay what you want” basis from the Occupation Records label."


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