Last summer, this writer had an opportunity to see a conceptual test for A "Smurfs" movie.  It was part of a larger presentation of upcoming Sony Pictures titles and, needless to say, it created the most buzz out of all the previews.  Within a few months, Sony announced the long anticipated "Smurfs" movie was finally given the greenlight and, eventually, a release date of Aug. 3, 2011 was revealed.  Now, the studio has provided moviegoers their first glimpse at a 3-D, CG Papa Smurf and a few of his friends in this new preview specifically timed for the release of "Toy Story 3."

You can watch the preview below, but there isn't much to it.  The teaser hints at a tone similar to the two Sony "Stuart Little" movies or Fox's recent "Alvin and the Chipmunks" blockbusters.  We're hoping for something a little more entertaining once the "Smurfs" hits theaters next summer.

What do you think? And who do you think the other two Smurfs are?

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