"Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" wasn't the end of the road for Bishop Allen's film appearances.

Frontman Justin Rice stars as the leading actor in "Harmony & Me," a movie that's been making the rounds at events like the Los Angeles Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Cine-Vegas Film Festival. BA's bassist Keith Poulson also makes an appearance, alongside actors like Kevin Corrigan (Pineapple Express, Superbad, The Departed), and Pat Healy (Rescue Dawn, Ghost World).

"Harmony & Me" was directed by Bob Byington, whose only other recent film work includes "RSO (Registered Sex Offender)." He scored an Annenberg Film Fellowship Program through the Sundance Institue last year.

The director/writer also helped cobble together an ultra-cute, lo-fi music video for Bishop Allen's "Shanghaied," the theme song from the "Harmony & Me" trailer. Enjoy both below.

Bishop Allen only has tour dates slated for abroad at the moment, and are currently supporting it's latest album "Grrr..."

Here are the other show dates for "Harmony & Me":

Traverse City Film Festival (Michael Moore's Film Festival) July 28-Aug. 2
Moma in NYC Sept. 18-24
Austin Film Festival- Oct. 22-29
Denver Film Festival Nov. 12-22


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