Get ready to go back in the water again.

Disney/Pixar's 2003 CGI hit "Finding Nemo" is the latest title to be retrofitted for the 3D craze, and a brand new trailer has washed ashore.

To the strains of Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea," the simple plot -- neurotic clown fish Marlin ("Drive's" Albert Brooks) teams with ditzy Dori (Ellen Degeneres) to search for his missing son, Nemo -- is recapped, before the inevitable groan-inducing pun "Sea it" is trotted out once again. The short teaser closes with a slightly ominous shot -- Bruce the Shark intoning "That's Gooood." Perhaps a longer trailer will pop up later underlining the film's stellar wit, speedy pace, laugh-out-loud gags and elaborate set pieces, not to mention all the other colorful characters including Nemo himself.

With its densely detailed sea life and breathtaking ocean views, the film is ideally suited for the format, and Disney/Pixar have done a top-notch job before with the post-conversion of such hit films as the first two "Toy Story" movies, and last summer's runaway re-release of "The Lion King." In its first run, "Nemo" grossed over $800,000,000 worldwide. Pixar's next new film will be this summer's "The Brave."

"Finding Nemo" goes 3D September 13.


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