It was a big weekend for Ludacris, who is featured in to two major new official music videos.

One is for Justin Bieber's "Baby," which we already mentioned features some random nostalgia from the rapper. He and everybody's new BFF Drake make cameos, and the former playfully putting the sweetly coiffed Bieber in a headlock.

The video itself is set at a bowling alley, features a dance-off and includes our 15-year-old hero courting and chasing his lady "The Way You Make Me Feel"-style (did you check that Moonwalk?). It's a clip enamored with primary colors and break-dancing, keeping the love between the ladies and men on equal footing (get it?).

We would have gotten kicked off our locals lanes as a kid had we crawled on pool tables and horsed around in the gutters ("Over the line! Mark it zero."), but for this crew, the bowling alley has made special exception -- as has the video's 4 million-plus viewers.

And, on a side note, congrats to Bieber who is headed to "Saturday Night Live" on April 10. He'll be 16 by then, bless his heart, but still young enough to be the youngest solo music act ever to headline the long-running show.

On the heels of his popular single "How Low" (at No. 8 on the Hot 100 with a bullet), Ludacris is going into his "Battle of the Sexes" album with the single "My Chick Bad," featuring a certifiable (crazy, that is) Nicky Minaj. The video has Luda extolling the virtues of his chick, who can handle her liquor and a body that makes his whole crew want to respect bone her. Minaj, meanwhile appears in the worst restraint straps ever and does the best nutcase impression since Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance."

The song itself isn't on fire, as far as Ludacris' capabilities go in the lyric and speed categories, but we can imagine this will set of a few alarms in the club. It's one of the first glimpses we have into "Battle of the Sexes," which also includes "How Low," and has taken three years in the making. It'll tackle topics on sex and relationships and drops March 9.

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