It's been a year and three months since Kanye West released "808s & Hearbreak," but that's not keeping him or his team from continuing to promote it, this time with a music video for "Coldest Winter."

The clip is directed by Nabil, aka Nabil Elderkin, who helmed a number of other Kanye vids including "Welcome Heartbreak" and "Paranoid," as well as John Legend's "PDA," K'Naan's "T.I.A." and others.

Featured is a bride, scared, escaping from what appear to be Ringwraiths from "Lord of the Rings" and dementors who played extra in the "Harry Potter" films. Of course, these serve as larger, scarier allegories to death and hell, and the bride (not The Bride) is unsuccessfully cornered, dirty, by these nightmares. Either by their hands or her own, she is seemingly destined to die in this dreary, cold, sunless wasteland. Ain't love grand?

There is also an seemingly uneccesary emphasis on her boobs, but Kanye can't outdo Kanye.

"808s & Hearbreak" was largely informed by West's breakup from his former fiancee in 2007 and given further emotional swell after the death of his mother later that year. As he admitted in his interview with Jay Leno after that whole Taylor Swift VMAs thing, he hasn't really "dealt" with his fame and pain, which explains why he's been out of the public eye as of late (at least compared to his omnipresence in years past).

So in a way, this video, while coming a few months too late, is an excellent way to finish off, to cap off, that era, as West is working hard on a follow-up. He's also still blogging away and even recently shouted out to one of our favorites Mayer Hawthorne, much like JT did a few months ago.

KANYE WEST "Coldest Winter" Directed by: NABIL "ITUNES link below" from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.



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