Lady Gaga has some feelings about reality and play-pretend. She wants to share some of those thoughts with you in "The Prelude Pathétique" to her next music video "Marry the Night."

Mother Monster is featured looking rather sick, with some orange lipstick, and otherwise sporting a weird non-accent as she narrates her stroll on a hospital bed through a nuthouse. She explains some artistic liberties taken with the outfits on the nurses that are rolling her. She'd like gummy bears. Somebody else wants gummy bears and a knife.

"The full prelude is 7 min 33 seconds & 15 frames," Gaga only sort-of explained on Twitter. Last week: "It's Not that I've been Dishonest, It's Just that I Loathe Reality."

It's all very mysterious -- typical Gaga -- in this two-minute clip. The "Prelude" comes ahead of what will apparently be her longest video yet, what Gaga calls a "film." She is directing this one alone, without the help of former creative director Laurieanne Gibson, who split with Gaga this month.

To remind yourself how "Marry the Night" sounds, here you go. It is the next single off of "Born This Way," after "You and I."

The full video is expected to debut by the end of the month.

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