PARK CITY - As if the country hasn't had its fill on the realities of the financial crisis, the cast of "Margin Call" makes sure it gets even more real.

The mega-ensemble of actors like Kevin Spacey, Stanley Tucci, Jeremy Irons, Demi Moore, Zachary Quinto and Penn Badgely were all on hand at 2011 Sundance Film Festival, to discuss the "dorm-like" living situation on set.

The cast stayed onsite at One Penn Plaza in New York for the flick, which turns its focus on a fictional firm on the edge of collapse. To director J.C. Chandor, the key was conveying "authenticity" in a financial crisis, which "bizarrely came from simple story."

That simple story has managed to actually sell the film here at the Park City fest, with Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate already on board.

Quinto said he was simply "shocked how it happened," but the strength of the casting certainly seemed enought to sell it.

Badgely, a newcomer to Sundance, said he "didn't even have to read the script." He just took one look at the cast and felt like he should jump on. He even feared Chandor and his crew were making a mistake. "I mean, have you seen 'Gossip Girl'?"

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