It could have been hyped up like no tomorrow, but Fox Searchlight has done an impressive job these past 7 months balancing the hype regarding their new romantic comedy "500 Days of Summer."

A hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival, the unconventional romance finds Zooey Deschanel playing a woman who doesn't really believe in true love and Joseph Gordon Levitt as the young man who helplessly and painfully falls for her.  The picture could have been overhyped to the extreme, but the mini-major has done a great job of slowly building the release and expectations during another blockbuster summer.  Nothing new for the company that turned "Little Miss Sunshine," "Once" and "Waitress" into summer hits.

Check out this exclusive excerpt of a sit down between the two actors where they discuss how they enter the creative process on a movie such as "Summer."  Yeah, it's a bit "Inside the Actor's Studio," but it's a pretty honest assessment from two thespians at the top of their game.

To find out more about "500 Days of Summer," read the Sundance review by HitFix's own Dan Fienberg here.

"500 Days of Summer" opens in limited release this Friday, July 17.


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