SAN DIEGO - Jessica Biel looks great on the red carpet at Comic-Con; it's not apparent at all that she's covered in green bruises.

The source of her abrasions and contusions is from "Total Recall," and while this action-sci-fi flick will have plenty of stunts, they're not ones Biel can do herself. "I'm always insisting [on doing some stunts, and then, y'know, insurance," she smiled during her HitFix interview. "Insurance blows sometimes. It ruins the fun."

This 2012-skedded version is halfway through shooting now, and ready for its spotlight in the cycle of Hollywood remakes.

But where it diverges from the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger film, is that this Colin Farrell-led version sticks much closer to the original source, Philip K. Dick's 1966 novelette "We Can Remember It for You Wholesale"

"We're focusing on theme pretty much from Dick's source material," Biel says.

But that doesn't mean some humor gets thrown into the butt-kicking mix. Of co-star Bryan Cranston, who plays the villain, "That man... he just sweats funny," Biel said. "I get a few funny moments. The funny's there, but we're not just cracking jokes, we're really just trying to play the emotion."

"Total Recall" will be out in August 2012.

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