In the aftermath of the 54th Grammy Awards the digital water cooler is a buzz about Adele's dominant night and tearful speech after winning the best album of the year Grammy, but what's still on everyone's minds is Jennifer Hudson's stirring rendition of Whitney Houston's signature song "I Will Always Love You."

Hudson, who previously song the song at a BET Honors event for Houston in 2010, was a long time fan of the legendary pop singer and had dreamed of singing with her one day.  The Academy Award winner also received her first Grammy from Houston at the 51st Grammy Awards for best R&B Album "Jennifer Hudson." Reports indicated Hudson had a hard time getting through the afternoon rehearsal, but pulled it together for a moving version of Houston's global blockbuster.  This evening's performance moved many not just because Hudson is one of the few singers who can hit the notes in the same manner as Houston, but because it was just her voice with a piano accompanying her.  Simple, sparse, but beautiful.  Just like Houston's voice was when it was at her best.

At the moment, you can still watch Hudson's personal triumph in the video embedded below.

What did you think of Hudson's rendition? Share your thoughts below.

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