Danny McBride and Nick Swardson play the bad buddies in buddy-action flick "30 Minutes or Less." Even though McBride -- er, his character -- hoped that Swardson would burn alive.

It was a moment in reference to one of Swardson's character Travis' final moments in the movie, where he actually wields a flamethrower. Director Ruben Fleischer had a lot of comedy moments for the duo to "play with," but playing with fire was not among them.

"Oh no, I could burst into flames," Swardson understated in his interview with HitFix, when describing his safety procedures to throw said flames.

Otherwise it was "Michael Jordan and Scotty Pippen sh*t" for McBride and Swardson, whose talents Fleischer would pump up as they went through improvised scenes.

"He actually would push it even further than what i was thinking it was cool to push things," McBride said.

One joke in particular kept breaking Swardson down, until they had to abandon the joke all together. In a scene where the pair were cleaning a pool, McBride describes opening the small business of his dreams, a cash company with hot chicks.

Swardson innocently asks, "Chinese restaurant?"


"Abortion clinic? And Danny goes, 'No! Yuck! Yucky!'... We literally did 10 takes and I just kept laughing."

"30 Minutes or Less" also stars Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg. It is out on Friday (Aug. 12).

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