SAN DIEGO - Bryan Cranston was feeling very alpha-male on the red carpet press line at Comic-Con this year.

It may have a little to do with his forthcoming role in action remake "Total Recall," in which he plays villain Vilos Cohaagen. He says he's playing it aggressive, but also "passive-aggressive."

"Someone in power has that ability, that they don't have to talk as much, they're in control, and if theyre a little bit sociopathic, they'll toy," Cranston said in his interview with HitFix. "Before they smash they mouse, they'll want to toy with it first."

The "Breaking Bad" bad-ass is a big fan on PHilip K. Dick's novelette on which "Total Recall" is based, and feels this version -- as opposed to the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring 1990 original -- expand on Dick's original vision."

"[The novel] holds up for me, the futuristic ideas. So then I wanted to see how close this script would be to it," he said. "And I think Philip Dick would go yes, yes, go go go. We just expanded on it. We inhaled into the breath of it... [the 1990 version] was kitschy and kind of fun. This one has humor as well."

"Total Recall" will be released to theaters Aug. 3, 2012.


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