Making new strides in the Poison Porn music video subgenre is AFI and their clip for "Beautiful Thieves," a song culled from the rock act's latest "Crash Love."

The band has been invited to play a bourgie black-tie cocktail party that inches its way toward the sexier and scarier. Coke (not the cola) makes a cameo, hot girls designed after evil robot Dita Von Teese crawl out of their white dresses and into pools. Like any good goth purveyors, death is designed to look very pretty.

I'll be honest here: I've never have been a wild fan of AFI, due to the dramatis personæ of frontman Davey Havok and his voice. It's like he read a "Dummies" guide to mugging and singing like a rock star but never quite settled on a single sound. But here, he's wild, and even croon-y, though his mic move around 1:14 reduces me to a fit of giggles.

"Beautiful Thieves" is the follow-up single to "Medicate," released aaaaall the way back in August and did pretty well for itself. "Crash Love" started at No. 12 on The Billboard 200 back in 2009.


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