The team behind USA's "Burn Notice" made two announcements during Thursday's (July 22) Comic-Con panel in a packed Ballroom 20.
The first, the uninteresting one, was that "Burn Notice" has passed a million fans on Facebook.
Contain your excitement.
Want the more exciting announcement? USA Programming President Jeff Wachtel hit the stage to reveal that USA is developing an original "Burn Notice" movie that will be a prequel built around Bruce Campbell's Sam Axe.
"What do I have to say about that? I have to say that USA finally got their s*** together," cracked Campbell who, as ever, had the full house in the palm of his hand.
Added "Burn Notice" creator Matt Nix, "This is actually breaking news. We weren't sure we were going to make this announcement an hour ago."
Wachtel explained that the prequel fill will focus on Sam Axe's last military mission and will show how he came to be living the civilian life in Miami.
"We learn a little bit about the guy and we get to see Sam Axe in action, with guns," Wachtel promised.
Then, playing to the crowd, Wachtel turned to Campbell and cracked, "I'm thinking of putting a chainsaw in your hand."
Yes, whooping ensued.
Not surprisingly, no timetable was given for the "Burn Notice" prequel telefilm, but Wachtel listed Campbell as one of the producers on the developing project. No director was announced, though panelist Tim Matheson seemed willing to pay Nix for the privilege. 
Stay tuned for more information.
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