SAN DIEGO - It was only 2 and a half minutes, but the snippet of "Underworld: Awakening" that made it's world premiere at Comic-Con proved that returning star Kate Beckinsale (who sat out the third film, "Underworld: Rise of the Lycans") would be kicking ass and taking names once again. And, of course, the star (who sat on the panel with director Les Wiseman and star Michael Ealy) still looks good in that suit. "It's actually surprisingly comfortable, apart from after lunch," she said. "You can bend over. And I did… it's like a giant condom." 


In the footage, Beckinsale wakes up in what appears to be a futuristic medical facility, finds a latex outfit, and proceeds to start killing people. There's lots of action, Beckinsale locates some earnest vampires with whom to join forces, and lots of fighting follows. At the very end of the reel, we see a quick flash of a little girl dressed in white, bloodied and cowering in a corner -- Selene's daughter.


Diehard fans were thrilled by the clip, but also excited to hear that that when the movie hits DVD, it will feature animated shorts that take place in the "Underworld" universe created by the animation and games company Titmouse "I've always been interested in what an animated spin off of this would be," explained Wiseman. "It crosses through many different stages and eras. It's very cool."


That may have been the only big reveal during the panel. Though Wiseman assured a young fan that, despite the lack of lycans in the trailer that the movie features "lots of lycans" and stated that the film goes in new directions now that humans are aware of vampires and werewolves in their midst, he wasn't giving away major plot points. "What's good with 'Underworld' is it always takes a new approach, and this one is a new take. You'll see," he said, grinning.


When asked about Selene's daughter, Beckinsale turned to Wiseman (who is also her husband) and asked, "I'm not allowed to say anything, am I?" Wiseman took over, saying only, "It's an unknown daughter." We''ll just have to wait until January 20, 2012 to find out more. 

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