Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 1<.img

Robert Pattinson's Edward has golden eyes for Kristen Stewart's Bella in the newest still to arrive from "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1." The glance may be a formality of his vampiric state, but Stewart can't manage more than a bathrobe.

Additionally, two new teaser posters for the Nov. 18 release of the film series' final chapter have arrive, both touting the line "Forever is only the beginning."

Stewart and Pattinson flash some ring-finger shiny-shines in front of the dawn as Jacob (Taylor Lautner) leads the wolf pack in front of his.

"Part 1," arriving near Thanksgiving, will be followed-up by "Part 2" on Nov. 16 in 2012.

Jacob teaser poster for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

Edward and Bella in teaser poster for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1

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