Have you missed a second of The CW's freshman hit "The Vampire Diaries"? If so, the network has a full week of programming just for you.

In an amusing and relatively unprecedented step for a broadcast network, The CW is dedicating all 10 of its primetime programming hours for the week starting December 14 to a "Vampire Diaries" marathon.
Beginning on Monday, Dec. 14 and going through Friday, Dec. 18, The CW will show two hours of "The Vampire Diaries" per night, in order.
Episode 10 of "The Vampire Diaries," titled "The Turning Point," airs this Thursday (Nov. 19) and will be the show's last original episode in 2009.
For the season, "The Vampire Diaries" ranks has The CW's most watched show and its top rated show in the 18-34 demographic. Among women 18-34, The CW's true targeted audience, "The Vampire Diaries" ranks behind only "Gossip Girl" for the season.
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