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'Supernatural' returns to haunt Comic-Con

The show's producers and supporting cast packed a room to share secrets about the upcoming season

Posted Jul 26, 2009 8:16 PM By
Tamara Brooks


If there is ever any doubt about the popularity of "Supernatural" one should only look to the lengthy, serpentine line of people waiting to get in to see Sunday's (July 26) Comic-Con panel. The packed room greeted Eric Kripke, Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, and stars Misha Collins ("Castiel") and Jim Beaver ("Bobby") with a roar of applause and wooooooos. 


Last year drove the Brothers Winchester apart but this season will be about bringing them together. Kripke calls it the most optomistic since it's driving towards the good guys winning for a change. 

"It's the Party Apocalypse," asks moderator Mo Ryan. 

"Because of our budget restraints we're calling it 'The Walmart Apocalypse," retorts Eric. 

Misha says Castiel will have lost some of his angel mojo and has a very ambitious mission next season that he refused to say. Eric adds that he'll be cut off from heaven and in "full rebellion mode." He'll have to learn to become human in some way.

A log line for Episode 3: "Dean takes Cas to a Whorehouse." 

Yes, that's exactly what Kripke said.

Kripke says the end-game of Ruby driving a wedge between the brothers and leading Sam to the dark side was the intention from day one. When the fans would say "Why are they trying to make her likable?" they'd all just kind of snicker.

Gamble said Season 4 tended to be "suicidally dark" but Season 5 is very funny at times. Edlund follows up with this metaphor: Each episode is in line waiting to be hung. "Every week you hear 'CRACK!' and you're waiting and then Episode 7's in front of you and he's pissing his pants but the guy behind you just made a joke and it's really funny."

The fourth episode, written by Ben Edlund, plays with the concept of destiny by making a five-year jump into the future. 

Mark Pelligrino, new to the cast as Lucifer, will appear sparingly because "having the bad guy lose every week" diminishes how formidable he appears. Pelligrino was originally in the running to play Castiel and was offered this role sans audition.

Kripke says the return of Papa Winchester is welcomed on both sides but dependent on scheduling logistics and the "people who wear suits" since Jeffrey Dean Morgan is such a big star now.

The number of Classic Rock tracks have gone down because they had to cut the music budget to deliver on the big scripts they were writing.

"Castiel" will be going on a hunting mission with the Winchesters.

One audience member said, prior to his question, "It's nice to see Bobby back from his vacation on 'Harper's Island.'"

There will be more Chuck the Prophet and meta-episodes. Meg, Ellen, will also return as will Adrienne Palicki as Sam's dead girlfriend, Jessica.

When pressed for futher information, Kripke said, "This time it's personal?" Interpret that as you will.

If there are still stories to tell after Season 5, Kripke would be all for it but they've only gotten through six episodes so far and can't look that far into the future. However, they will not sacrifice the storytelling or water down the storyline to just to get a Season 6 out of it. The Lucifer Saga will be wrapped up.

As has been the tradition at Comic-Con, the panel closed out with a peek at the gag reel that'll be on the "Supernatural" Season 4 DVD set to the delight of the crowd. 

"Supernatural" returns this fall on The CW.