Sigur Ros frontman and Immaculate Noise favorite Jonsi went to the "Zoo" with famed director Cameron Crowe and came out on the other side with a new soundtrack.

Crowe's "We Bought a Zoo" features new compositions and an original score from Jónsi, and the music will be released as a soundtrack on Dec. 13, ten days before the film is released on Dec. 23.

The 15-track album includes four songs that were on Jonsi's 2010 album "Go," plus two previously unreleased tracks under Jonsi's name: one of those, "Gathering Stories," was co-written by Crowe himself. Sigur Ros' previously dropped "Hoppipolla" is also included.

Experimental composer Nico Muhly helped to arrange the string and brass sections of the score.

Crowe has been a longtime admirer of Sigur Ros, and even helped break the band by including one of their tunes during his 2001 film remake "Vanilla Sky."

“Early on it was obvious that [Sigur Rós’] music would have a profound effect on the making of We Bought A Zoo,” said Cameron in a statement. “In preparation for making the movie, we gave all the actors and crew members a copy of Sigur Rós’ transcendent documentary, ‘Heima’... The actors listened to the music during their takes; it quickly became part of the film’s DNA."

Jonsi also contributed a song to "How to Train Your Dragon."

"We Bought a Zoo" stars Scarlett Johansson and Matt Damon.

Here is the tracklist for "We Bought a Zoo":

1.      Why Not 
2.      AEvin Endar - Jónsi  *new track
3.      Boy Lilikoi  - Jónsi
4.      Sun
5.      Brambles
6.      Sinking Friendships - Jónsi
7.      We Bought A Zoo
8.      Hoppipolla – Sigur Rós
9.      Snaerisendar
10.  Sink
11.  Go Do - Jónsi
12.  Whole Made of Pieces
13.  Humming
14.  First Day
15.  Gathering Stories – Jónsi *new track

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