Just over a week after setting series highs for its third premiere, "Californication" has been renewed for a fourth season.

Showtime announced on Monday (Oct. 5) that "Californication" has been picked up for an additional 12 episodes, with the show's fourth season premiering in 2010.

Airing after the record-breaking "Dexter" premiere on Sept. 27, the David Duchovny comedy drew 821,000 viewers, up by 57 percent over the Season Two premiere. Factoring in an encore airing immediately afterwards, "Californication" was watched by 1.203 million viewers on its first night.

Duchovny won a Golden Globe for his turn as occasionally debauched scribe Hank Moody and the series has picked up a pair of nominations for outstanding comedy series. While the TV Academy hasn't been quite as embracing, "Californication" has won a pair of Emmys for Outstanding Cinematography.


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