"Saturday Night Live" has its first host and musical guest for the season lined up, as well as four new featured players - including the first African-American addition to the cast in years.

"SNL" alum (and current star of NBC's fantastic, underappreciated "Parks and Recreation") Amy Poehler will host the September 25 season premiere, with Katy Perry as the musical guest.

Meanwhile, the show is adding four new actors: Vanessa Bayer from Second City, Paul Brittain from Chicago's iO Theater (where Bayer also worked), Taran Killam from The Groundlings (and also from a recurring "Scrubs" role as the overly-touchy orderly, and from Bill Lawrence's memorable unsold pilot "Nobody's Watching") and comedian Jay Pharoah.

Pharoah does a great Obama impression and can hopefully bring an end to Fred Armisen's weak performance in that role.

Will Forte announced earlier this summer that he is leaving the cast.

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