On the eve of its first season finale, Syfy has picked up a second season of "Haven."
The cable network announced on Thursday (Oct. 7) that "Haven" will resume production in Nova Scotia on a 13-episode second season in the spring of 2011, premiering that summer.
Vaguely based on Stephen King's "The Colorado Kid," "Haven" stars Emily Rose as Audrey Parker, a young FBI agent who begins digging into the secrets of a small Maine town. Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour co-star.
Since premiering this summer, Syfy is claiming that "Haven" has averaged 2.6 million viewers, including 989,000 in the key 18-49 demographic. The series has held onto 82 percent of its "Eureka" lead-in. [Those numbers reflect live and DVR+7 data for episodes airing through September 19. "Haven" premiered on July 9.]
Adding to the "Haven" appeal for Syfy is its international financing and its relative success abroad, especially on Canada's Showcase channel.
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