Ryan Seacrest is partnering with Bravo on a new reality series tentatively titled "Shahs of Sunset."

The show will follow a group of wealthy young Persian-American friends in Los Angeles who strive to find a balance between working and having expensive fun with their more traditional family lives.

"The Persian American community in Los Angeles is a perfect fit for Bravo's next great docu-series. The group of friends featured in our show are colorful, affluent, and fun," said Bravo executive Andy Cohen in a release. "Ryan and his team understand what our viewers want to see and when they brought us this group we responded immediately. There's not a show like it on TV"

"We're pleased to bring this exciting new story of a distinct and compelling community of Los Angeles to the Bravo audience," said Seacrest. "The series will offer rich characters and relatable storylines about everyday life -- love, work, friendship and family -- steeped in a diverse culture, which is wildly entertaining and fun."

Seacrest, who seems to be on TV or on the radio 25 hours a day, is best-known as the host of "American Idol." He serves as executie producer on the hit reality series "Keeping Up With the Kardashians."

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