Considering it'd be impossible to bring along the ever-busy Rihanna to every Coldplay concert just so she can sing collaboration "Princess of China," the British band has booked a video version of the pop star for their tour.

The tour video below features Ri-Ri singing her part of the sad little thumper, in understated moves aside from the nine-inch nails, the wild hairdo and the multiple limbs (phantom limbs?).

And the song's called "Princess of China," so she's dressed like a geisha, get it?

OK, so now do your best imitation of Chris Martin and sing all his parts!

The official video for "Princess of China" has not been released. Coldplay is performing over on the West Coast all this week, heads overseas, then comes back to tour the rest of the 'States in June.

They are scheduled to take the stage on "American Idol" next week, on May 3. They will be performing two songs -- which ones do you think they'll be, hm?

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