CBS announced a slew of midseason scheduling plans on Monday (Dec. 21) morning, including the spring returns of "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race."
As was announced during the "Survivor: Samoa" finale (and had already been reported extensively online for months), the 20th edition of "Survivor" will be "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains." The season, pitting two teams of "Survivor" all-time favorites, will premiere on Thursday, Feb. 11 with a two-hour episode.
"Survivor" will also get an hour-long special titled "Surviving Survivor," airing on Thursday, Feb. 4 and focusing on the post-"Survivor" lives of many memorable castaways. Will some of those memorable castaways then be featured on "Heroes vs. Villains"? Who knows.
Another special will, this one from the "Survivor" team of Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett, will air on Thursday, Jan. 28. "Live for the Moment," shot long ago as a pilot, focuses on how individual lives were changed by single moments.
Meanwhile, the 16th installment of "The Amazing Race" will hit the starting line on Sunday, Feb. 14. Unlike the 15th installment, "The Amazing Race" will not get a two-hour premiere, because it will be followed by the time slot launch of "Undercover Boss," fresh off its Feb. 7 post-Super Bowl debut. "Cold Case" will also be migrating back to its 10 p.m. home on that night.
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