Perhaps inspired by the spirit of Independence Day, a group of freedom fighters are planning to protest a controversial new measure -- DC Comics' recent announcement that the long-running comic book publisher will be rebooting its superhero universe, including characters like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.

The company made the announcement recently that the entire DC Universe is starting over from scratch and every series title will revert back to issue #1 in September.

Upset over proposed costume changes (Superman with no shorts?!) and the erasure of decades worth of convoluted backstory, protesters will descend on the San Diego Comic-Con on July 23 for an hour-long march at the world's biggest geek gathering, hoping to draw the attention of the DC brass.

The plan is simple: RSVP on the event's Facebook page and then take an hour out of your busy Comic-Con schedule and parade through the Con, voicing your duress.

Says the Facebook page: "Are you utterly baffled, disappointed and just ANGRY to see how DC ruins your favorite character's design and wipes decades of comic history out of the mainstream universe? Well, you're not alone! And why not make some noise at the biggest pop-culture event this year, where creators, artists and writers appear in person - show them how fans - the fans of the classic characters, the (nevertheless slightly changing) designs, the character's history and personality - really feel about it!"

"My 'mission' is not to run straight to the DC booth and scream 'Give us back the old characters!' - for that would accomplish nothing," explained event organizer Laura Hornack to "I just hope that the fans who love the 'old' (and old as in anything before September 2011) comics get a little attention, and that maybe some writers and artist think about the drastic changes."