While promoting their film "TinTin" at Comic-Con, the film's director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson tackled the issue of newfangled technology in filmmaking. Though "TinTin" relies on CGI, Jackson admitted, "Steven and I are much more adept at live action... I can barely send e-mails."

Still, the pair had strong opinions about the latest trend in filmmaking -- 3D. "I'm certainly hoping that 3D gets to the point where people do not notice it, because then it becomes another tool. And then maybe audiences don't have to pay such exorbitant prices for a ticket... I hope the prices will come down. I wouldn't shoot everything in 3D, like a small romantic comedy. "

For filmmakers who do proceed with 3D, though, he has some suggestions. "It can't be done by everybody. You need a trained eye. And filmmakers who care about doing it should be bringing in collaborators. It's not a new lens on the camera, it's  not a fire-it-up and forget it tool. It isn't for everybody."

Jackson added, "After 'Avatar,' it survived as this experience worthy of higher prices, but audiences know that there are good movies in 3D and there are bad movies in 3D. And they can see a movie that's just as bad in 3D as it is in 2D. It's starting to backfire a little bit. With the right movie it can make a good film great and a great film amazing. But the price issue needs to be addressed... it's just another step forward."


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