ABC has announced "Expedition Impossible," a new reality series from Mark Burnett.
Actually, "Expedition Impossible" isn't just a new reality series. Oh no. ABC calls it "the next evolution in high adventure and human drama," which seems like a pretty big claim, if you ask us.
Casting is underway for "Expedition Impossible," but don't look for the ABC press release to give any indication at all of what the series will be.
Teams of three will have to race across a variety of terrains and solve problems, facing a new stage of the expedition each week. 
"We think the ABC audience will respond to this incredibly fun show, which is equal parts extreme competition, teamwork and strategy, featuring unique landscapes and different cultures," states John Saade and Vicki Dummer, senior vice presidents, Alternative Series, Specials and Late Night, ABC Entertainment Group. "We look forward to collaborating again with Mark Burnett and his team to create an epic series."
Adds Burnett, "I love high adventure television, and I am so excited to be working with ABC in bringing an epic ‘Indiana Jones’-style experience to the viewers."
Burnett continues to have success with the venerable "Survivor" franchise on CBS, but the rebooting of the celebrity-free "Apprentice" has been a disaster for NBC this fall. Burnett's recent network reality disappointments have included "On the Lot," "Pirate Master" and the unaired "Jingles" and "Our Little Genius."

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