NEW YORK (AP) - In another setback on her "Rock Witchu" tour, Janet Jackson has lost her opening act: LL Cool J. The rapper's publicity firm announced Monday that he has dropped out as the headliner for Jackson because of unnamed scheduling conflicts. It's the latest problem on Jackson's tour, her first North American outing in seven years. The 42-year-old singer was forced to cancel a string of earlier concerts because of a bout of migraine-associated vertigo. She recently resumed while being treated for the illness, which is characterized by dizziness, imbalance and other symptoms. Jackson's upcoming shows are Tuesday in Auburn Hills, Mich., and Saturday in New York. She is expected to announce more dates.

  • Rick
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: In a box. Or a boxcar.
    What they had been through emotionally: Ummm... A lot? On one hand, you'd think Season 4 was practically a vacation for Rick. There were whole episodes he either didn't appear in or only passed through. Yes, he got shot in the leg and made Carl think he died when he was really just passed out and there was the whole thing hiding from the outlaws in the house, but Rick mostly seemed kinda chill (or absent). However, having lost daughter Judith, his compulsive need to protect his son Carl made him so bat guano nuts that he killed a guy by literally ripping out his throat with his teeth. It's hard to go much lower than that, even if the dude totally deserved to have his throat ripped out with somebody's teeth. However, as Norman Bates once observed, we all go a little mad sometimes and Rick was almost spectacularly sane in the Season 4 finale, standing up for his guys and aptly observing that the Terminus punks screwed with the wrong people.
    - Daniel Fienberg

  • Carl
    Photo Credit: AMC
    Where we last saw them physically: In the boxcar at the weirdest family reunion ever
    What they had been through emotionally: Carl is having quite possible the best character arc of the show. While everyone else is an adult learning to adapt to a zombie apocalypse, he is growing up in one. This is all he knows. He's lost his mom and his sister and shot a friend. He almost got raped. He played chicken with zombies to save his dad and almost died for his hubris. He watched his dad literally rip the jugular out of a man to save him. And he thinks this is normal. Carl's biggest struggle is hiding his cold, pragmatic ways under the kabuki mask of pretending to be a normal teenager for his dad.
    - Donna Dickens
  • Michonne
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Also in that boxcar.
    What they had been through emotionally: Season 4 finally gave us the tragic backstory of the stoic modern-day samurai, revealing that she had once had a young son and a happy life before the zombie apocalypse hit. More recently, she, Rick and Carl had a particularly nasty run-in with the dirtbags that Daryl was briefly hanging out with.
    - Dave Lewis

  • Daryl
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Locked in a railway car with the other Terminus prisoners
    What they had been through emotionally: Following the exodus from the prison, Daryl found himself with Beth as his only companion and began opening up to her. But when she disappeared (possibly abducted) in a strange car, Daryl fell in with Joe's pack of scavengers, not realizing just how monstrous they were until right before they crossed paths with Rick, Michonne and Carl. Fueled by Rick's berserker rage, they killed off Joe and his claimers, then wound up imprisoned by the cannibals at Terminus.
    - Alan Sepinwall

  • Maggie
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: In the train car
    What they had been through emotionally: Maggie lost her father last season but has, at least on the outside, recovered from the blow. That being said, losing the prison and then Glenn temporarily and then winding up in the boxcar can’t have been easy on top of Hershel’s death. She has gone through a lot (as have they all), but is a fighter (see her using the blood of a walker to leave a message for Glenn). She may be disheartened an initially upset, but from what we’ve seen of her it would be foolish to think that she’s going to be throwing in the towel any time soon.
    - Josh Lasser

  • Glenn
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: In the train car
    What they had been through emotionally: Glenn didn’t have a particularly good season last go-round. He was infected with the virus in the jail and nearly died. Then he went on a quest to find his one true love, Maggie. One wouldn’t have thought that he possibly could have succeeded in such a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled environment. However, he did. He was reunited with her and they made it to Terminus and everything was great… right up until they get locked in the boxcar. Glenn has been trough a lot and he seemed to not really believe it was Rick when Rick entered the boxcar. One has to wonder if he’s finally snapped.
    - Josh Lasser

  • Beth
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Fleeing from zombies at the funeral parlor and probably getting kidnapped
    What they had been through emotionally: By all rights, Beth shouldn't be alive. The zombie apocalypse chews up and spits out nice, sweet, hopeful people. But perhaps Beth is the new Carol. She's lost two boyfriends, thought her dad was going to turn into a walker, then had her fragile hope of a normal life shattered by the Governor killing both her father and her homestead. Her response? Screw genetic predisposition to alcoholism, let's get drunk.
    - Donna Dickens

  • Carol
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: On the road to Terminus with Tyreese and Judith.
    What they had been through emotionally: Where to start? As one of the show's longest-running protagonists, Carol has seen more than enough tragedy -- including seeing her daughter die -- and has by now fully transitioned from being a hapless victim to a hard-edged survivor. She reconnected with Tyreese, baby Judith, and tween sisters Mika and Lizzie after the prison was overrun, but had to harbor a dark secret while dealing with Lizzie's increasing instability. When tragedy struck their small group, Carol was forced to play the role of Angel of Death, and she finally came clean to Tyreese about killing his girlfriend Karen. She's entering season 5 with blood on her hands and a guilty conscience. 
    - Dave Lewis

  • Tyreese
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Leaving the house where Lizzie had killed Mika, in turn prompting Carol to kill Lizzie to protect Judith and the rest of the world from her.
    What they had been through emotionally: Separated from his sister, placed in charge of a baby, an emotionally damaged little girl and her doomed sister, Tyreese did the best he could until Carol turned up to help shoulder the load — which only got worse when they realized what Lizzie was capable of. To make matters more complicated, Carol told him that she had murdered his girlfriend to prevent the plague from spreading during their time at the prison.
    - Alan Sepinwall

  • Bob and Sasha
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: In the boxcar of extreme coincidence with all the others
    What they had been through emotionally: For the first time in forever, Bob has hope. Despite all odds, he is no longer alone…and even better, there is the hint of romance in his life with Sasha. We still don't know much about his life before finding The Group or what hidden memories might trigger a relapse into alcoholism. As for Sasha, she still thinks her brother Tyreese is dead and is struggling with fear holding her back from living.
    - Donna Dickens

  • Tara
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Hanging with the cool kids, in the boxcar
    What they had been through emotionally: Tara is having a crisis of faith. The man she put her trust in turned out to by a psychopathic murderer hellbent on killing innocent people because reasons? The Governor got Tara's girlfriend killed in the raid on the prison and forced Tara to realize she'd been helping the villains. While she sees teaming up with Glenn to find Maggie as a sort of atonement, will the rest of the group welcome her?
    - Donna Dickens

  • Abraham, Eugene and Rosita
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Stuck in that pesky boxcar with their new pals
    What they had been through emotionally: We don't know much about the newbies' past, but season 5 will surely reveal more information. All we know so far is that Abe and Rosita are all that's left of a military unit escorting the eccentric genius Eugene to D.C. where he can hopefully save the world. Suffice it to say, it's been a rocky road to the capital, and now they're on an extended detour at Terminus.
    - Dave Lewis

  • Baby Judith
    Photo Credit: AMC

    Where we last saw them physically: Heading towards Terminus with Carol and Tyrese
    What they had been through emotionally: Sure she's only a year old but she's been beset by walkers, her mother is dead, and one of her caretakers tried to murder her in the woods via suffocation. She's part of the first generation who will literally only hear about our world in myth…should she survive. But she's with Carol, so I think she'll be just fine.
    - Donna Dickens