The biggest film of Saturday's Comic-Con 2009 panels?  Hands down, it's "Iron Man 2."  And if any movie panel deserves a live blog, it's this one. 

Here. We. Go.

All you need to know.  War Machine mega-shot was shown.  But here it is...

Marvel President, Kevin Feige comes out. How do you make a better movie?  "You raise it by at the 'Iron Man 2' panel by bringing me out first, not sure why we did that. How do you raise the bar? You work really hard and improve where we thought there could be improvement."

Feige than introduces Jon Favreau who comes out with a video camera to record the crowd.

"Nobody cared before you guys did. Let's just throw something up," Favreau says.

They show a somewhat lame preview. Very short, mostly behind-the scenes.

Downey then comes out on his own as the crowd roars and says, "Feige are you kidding me with that? What was that?"

"We just wrapped," Favreau explains.

"What was that unadulterated garbage you showed? We don't have anything ready to show but that? You showed me better stuff than that in the editting orom.  That's bullshit dude. We got 5,000 people here ready to see some real stuff." - RDJ

"The effects are temporrary..." - Favreau

"I'm not hearing that. Why do you look so distracted."- RDJ

"It's my son's Max's birthday..." - Favreau

RDJ says, "Let's sing happy birthday happy birthday dear Max..." The whole room sings.

"Better show some footage now." - RDJ

[HitFix's own Drew McWeeny provided  a more in-depth and detailed look at the footage shown, but here are some bullet points:

- Opens with Iron Man sitting in a huge donught (a Los Angeles landmark) eating one.  Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) calls up to him and says, "Please exit the donut."

- Next scene has the two heroes sitting in the booth shop and Stark saying, "I don't wnat to be a member of your super-secret boy band."

- Images of Whiplash (Mickey Rourke) building his suit, alluding to a vendetta against Stark's family.

- Stark going back in forth with a U.S. Senator (a great Gary Shandling) at a Congressional hearing about whether the government owns the Iron Man suit. Rhodes (now played by Don Cheadle) shows up.  "I wasn't expecting you," Stark says to him before he testifies.
"I'm here. Deal with it. Move on," Rhodes says (get it?).

- Amazing shot of Whiplash in the suit with electrified tentacles whipping back in forth as he heads to a suitless and injured Stark on a racetrack.

- Arms dealer Justin Hammer (Sam Rockwell) providing Rhodes with what appears to be the silver Iron Man suit from the first movie.  "What do you want?" Hammer asks.  "I think I'll take it.  All of it," Rhodes responds.]

The whole cast, Sam Rockwell, Scarlett Jonahnsson, Don Cheadle come out. 

Favreau says Mickey and Gwyenth can't make it.


"Everything did start her two years ago. You're the people we wanted to show this too first.  We just wrapped production literally last week. We had a few days to pull this together.  We wanted to add characters, but not too many, while adding peole who would further add us to the eventualy 'Avengers' movie that's coming" - Favreau


"it's been a very interseting experience working on am ovie with this kind of scope and effects. I heavlily relied on Kevin and Jon. I was very nervous for the whole shoot. Gave me really good guidance. You saw it.  You guys saw it before we even saw it. It's amazing." - Don Cheadle

What is the suit like?

"it's heavy." - Don Cheadle (crowd laughs.)

"I can't believe your rig is cooler than my rig." - Robert Downey, Jr.


Favreau - will you direct "The Avengers" movie?

"I still have another year to go on this one. And they are getting ready to make 'Thor' and I'm watching the stuff come together. I've been looking at some.  I'll be involved in some capacity. It doesn't shoot until we're done with 'Iron Man 2.' Kevin and I haven't talked about it. I'm looking forward to beging involved in that project." - Favreau

"I thought I was eccentric. He is very interested in interacting with you folks and will be doing so in the future. He has most of his screen time with Justin Hammer, so I'll turn it over to Rockwell." - RDJ

"I love Mickey. He's fabulous. We had a great time together." - Rockwell

What's with the Oliver North answers?" - RDJ

"Mickey is a consummate actor. He was very great actor. We smoked a bunch of cigarettes together and that was it." - Rockwell


Favreau says they are not doing the "demon in the bottle" storyline, because this movie is not as dark, but wanted to explore the pressures the new movie would have on Tony Starks life.

[Footage is shown again.]


Sam Rockwell

"I tried to do the performance based on what the script dictated. I think we do it in an elegant way in the movie and move on. I tried to siphon everything I could off his performance so I could go on and modernize it." - Cheadle

Writer Bob Layton, who redefined the "Iron Man" comic book gets a shout out and is brought on stage.  Talks about how proud he was of the first movie and the great time he had visiting the set a few weeks ago.


Guy in Green Lantern T-shirt comes up.

"I have a feeling this question is for Scarlett. I saw the shirt." - RDJ - referring to the fact Johansson's husband, Ryan Reynolds, was recently announced as playing the Green Lantern.

Fan asks lame question about whether RDJ was ever considered to play War Machine because he played an African-American in "Tropic Thunder."

"You are gonna waste the last question on that? God I love you. You smart ass. You and I have a lot in common. Let's pretend it was two half questions." - RDJ

Fan asks about Cheadle playing the villain in "Meteor Man."

"I don't even know waht that other movie is. I will just say I had an incredible experience in Iron Man 2 and look forward to doing it again." - Don Cheadle.

That's it.

Look for indepth interviews with the cast and more reaction to the footage over the next few days on HitFix.






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