We told you it's coming: now it's slowly becoming a reality.

"Paper Planes" singer and songwriter M.I.A. has released a glimpse into her forthcoming album, the follow-up to 2007's "Kala," the song dubbed "Space Odessey."

As Maya Arulpragasam has promised more singing, she delivers; this is far more melody-oriented that slammin' dance tracks like "Boyz" and the rap-rocking aforementioned "Planes." Spacey, like the title promises, the track is reverb-happy, albeit lo-fi, probably so people don't take it and run with it on the 'Net.

Still, it leaves us shaking in anticipation for more.

This track originally appeared in M.I.A.'s Twitter feed, so maybe you ought to start following, eh? While you're at it, join me.

The artist's as-yet-untitle album for Interscope is getting worked over by DJ Blaqstarr and Diplo and will be released in spring or summer.

And, yes, that's M.I.A. herself getting the pixel treatment in the vid below.

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