On the heels of a very angry Eminem, revealed earlier this week in "Despicable," fans of the rapper get "Not Afraid," an unafraid look to the future, a stomp on the past.

"I just can't keep living this way, so starting today I'm breaking out of this cage / I'm standing up, Im'ma face my demons / I'm manning up, Im'ma hold my ground... / time to put my life together right now," Em spits over the quasi-military snare beat, deep bass, synthesized strings and a chorus of passionate selves. "I'll never let you down again... In fact, let's be honest/ That last Relapse CD was ehhh / Perhaps I ran them accents into the ground / Relax, I ain't going to do that now." Yeah, that accent on "We Made You" was ehhh: agreed.

The theme sounds perfect for "Recovery,"  more of a reaction to last year's "Relapse," rather than a continuation. It's a bounce back track, something that'd play slow-motion as, say, a football team takes to the field. Let's keep this in our back pocket until kick-off, along with some other new potential stadium anthems.

"Not Afraid" debuted this morning on Em's Shade 45 channel on Sirius. "Recovery," as previously reported, is due June 22.

Eminem, "Not Afraid"

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