Lady Gaga’s directorial debut must be really something, because the superstar is plotting a release of two versions of the “Judas” music video.
The short version and a 7-minute, unabridged version will drop on the same day, Thursday (May 5). E! News will air the long-form “Judas” at 7 p.m. EST, while the short version will appear during the next elimination episode of “American Idol” on FOX.
Concept-wise, little is know, except that Gaga will appear as Mary Magdelene and “The Boondock Saints” actor Norman Reedus will play Judas Iscariot, both from the New Testament Bible.
The clip was co-directed by Gaga choreographer Laurieann Gibson.
“Judas” dropped outside of the Hot 100 top 10 last week to No. 12 after a short run in the upper echelon. It is the second single from her forthcoming album “Born This Way,” due May 23.


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