Kris Allen's self-titled album is still, apparently, on track for a Nov. 17 release, even though screaming, lurching fans of the "American Idol" winner haven't heard a lick of it.

Until this weekend. Sort of.

It's been well known that Allen has been working with Joe King of the Fray on this effort, but forget not that former *NSync singer and solo artist JC Chasez has been busy penning some material too. One of these songs, "Build Some Love," leaked last weekend and, while it's Chasez singing the demo for it, it's sure to excite fans even more.

It's a sappy number, but it's got a catchy chorus and, if the arrangements stay the same, it hearkens OneRepublic's "Apologize" in a way.

Listen to the track here.

He also told Entertainment Weekly that he's been writing and working with Kevin Rudolph lately, too.

Meanwhile, the totes adorbs OMG cover art for the album has been revealed. I've spent all day drawing little hearts around it on my Trapper Keeper.


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