In case you hadn't heard, a little movie called "The Avengers" made history this weekend by grossing $207.4 million in domestic sales in its first three days - an all-time record. Needless to say, that kind of dough bodes well for other Marvel superheroes who haven't yet made it to the big-screen. Superheroes like, say...Avengers founding member Ant-Man, perhaps?

Judging by "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" writer/director Edgar Wright's Twitter account, it seems a stand-alone movie featuring the shape-shifting crime-fighter (a.k.a. Henry Pym, Yellowjacket, Giant-Man, et al.) may be moving closer to fruition, with the filmmaker tweeting the following photo over the weekend, along with the words: "Received this in the mail. What can it mean?"

A cryptic Ant-Man image posted by Edgar Wright via Twitter

While the image featured in the photo clearly has something to do with Ant-Man, with only Wright's cryptic message to go by it could mean any number of things - which of course won't keep Marvel fans from endlessly speculating as to its implications. Does this mean Marvel is finally moving forward with Wright's long-discussed "Ant-Man" movie (a decision no doubt resulting from "The Avengers"' blockbuster numbers over the weekend)? Only time will tell...but hopes are certainly higher than they've ever been.

Are you hoping for a stand-alone Ant-Man movie, or would you rather he be featured as part of an ensemble? Sound off in the comments!

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