Mixed reviews haven't stopped IFC Films from acquiring U.S. rights to "The Ledge," now playing in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival.
"These days, there are many new and innovative ways to distribute a film, and new techniques are constantly evolving. IFC is at the forefront of cutting edge independent distribution, and it is their unique approach that convinced us they were the right theatrical distributor for 'The Ledge,'" states producer Mark Damon. 
Adds Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, "'The Ledge' is a well crafted and morally complex thriller that will really get people talking."
Written and directed by Matthew Chapman, "The Ledge" begins as the story of a young man (Charlie Hunnam) standing on a ledge threatening to jump and featuring Terrence Howard as the cop trying to understand what brought him to that point. The drama, which has a hefty spiritual component, also stars Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson.
Chapman states, "Having watched 'The Ledge' play to audiences in Sundance and seeing  their reactions, I believe that with the help of IFC Films we will reach the widest audience possible, which was always my intention." 
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