Are you a Taylor Swift fan? And perhaps you might be a "True Blood" devotee? You're in luck, as those two worlds collide in the episode to air Sunday (Aug. 21).

The HBO show's music supervisor Gary Calamar told Rolling Stone that the track "Haunted" would be playing under a "racy, sexy scene." He said that the show wasn't initially allowed to use it, but the pop-country crossover act herself made it know she wanted it to happen.

"Haunted" is culled from Swift's most recent album, "Speak Now."

Calamar also gave away some hints about the season finale, "And When I Die," scheduled for Sept. 11.

"That might be a hint that one of our characters is in trouble," he said. "Vampires don't really die, so I'll say it's not a vampire. They won't face the true death. But some of our main characters do run into a little bad luck in the final episode."


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