Gene Ween (AKA Aaron Freeman) has long been known to cult music fans as one-half of the restlessly prolific genre-mashers Ween, and he's ready to strike out on his own, announcing his upcoming, first-ever solo record.

"Marvelous Clouds" (Partisan Records) includes 13 interpretations of songs written by poet/songwriter Rod McKuen. The album reunites reunites Freeman with Ben Vaughn, producer of the Ween's 1996 album "12 Golden Country Greats."

McKuen was a beat poet-turned-songwriter who earned two Oscar nominations, one Pulitzer nomination, and sold millions of books and records. Freeman isn't the first singer to cover McKuen; his songs have been recorded by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash to Madonna. Nice company to be in.

"Marvelous Clouds" will be released April 10.

Here's the track listing:

1. As I Love My Own
2. Jean
3. Marvelous Clouds
4. A Man Alone
5. The Beautiful Strangers
6. Doesn't Anybody Know My Name
7. One By One
8. Pushing The Clouds
9. The Lovers
10. Mr. Kelly
11. Love's Been Good To Me
12. Lonesome Cities
13. The World I Used To Know

What's your favorite Ween album? 

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