"Terra Nova," the much-hyped sci-fi series produced by Steven Spielberg (but run by "Star Trek" alum Brannon Braga), has finally gotten a debut date.

The drama - in which people from the year 2149 travel back to prehistoric Earth as part of an experiment to save their dying planet - will roll out the same way "Glee" did two years ago: a quick sneak preview in the spring, and then a proper premiere in the fall.

The two-hour pilot episode will be split in half, and get lead-ins from FOX's two most popular scripted series: after "House" on Monday, May 23, and after "Glee" itself on Tuesday, May 24.  

"Terra Nova" stars Jason O'Mara ("Life on Mars") as the head of a family who goes on the time-traveling expedition, and Stephen Lang ("Avatar") as the head of the prehistoric colony.

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