The ending of season one of Hasbro Studio's "Transformers Prime" found Autobot hero Optimus Prime suffering from amnesia, and working for Megatron and the Decepticons under his old alias Orion Pax.

On March 3's episode, “Orion Pax - Part 3,” Optimus begins to piece together his real identity using several clues (including Starscream referring to his as a "prime" -- whoops!), and eventually rebels against Megatron’s orders. Meanwhile, Optimus' Autobot pals hatch a risky plan to get their leader back.

In our exclusive clip (above), Megatron has Optimus/Orion doing some busy work, like collating some files or something else straight out of "Office Space." When Optimus stands up to his evil boss, Megatron does not look happy about the labor dispute.

“Transformer’s Prime” airs Saturdays 8:30 pm ET on The Hub.

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