Dan Harmon and the "Community" team are hoping that the magical Betty White well hasn't run dry, casting the Emmy winner in a guest-starring role.
NBC and "Community" have proudly announced that the "Golden Girls" icon will appear in the second season premiere of the Thursday comedy, desperately hoping that the Unsinkable Betty White will help "Community" ward off "The Big Bang Theory."
White, a six-time Emmy winner, will play June Bauer, described as "an esteemed, but slightly unhinged anthropology professor."
As you may have heard or read someplace, Betty White is in the midst of a late-career renaissance. Her Facebook-demanded stint as "Saturday Night Live" host delivered the show's highest ratings and best reviews of the season, earning her an Emmy nomination. A recent Lifetime Achievement honoree by the Screen Actors Guild and the Television Critics Association, White's upcoming credits include the feature "You Again." She can currently be seen in TV Land's already-renewed new comedy "Hot In Cleveland."
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