We know Chris Hemsworth will be here as "Thor."  We know Chris Evans will be in the house as "Captain America: The First Avenger."  Who else will jump on the Hall H stage?

6:50 PM

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios head of production, comes out first and says "everyone has to be assembled properly" for all the movie and that means the first Avenger's story needs to be told and that means..."Captain America: The First Avenger."

That leads to a short preview which ends with Evans in costume in shadow. He then turns to reveal his face and, finally, he throws his famous circular shield to the camera.  The fans roar.

The moderator, Geoff Boucher, then introduces the director Joe Johnston and stars Chris Evans and Hugo Weaving.

Evans admits, "It's a little intimidating, a little daunting. I think if I focus on it too much, I'll have a panic attack." The actor says filming started only five days ago, but adds "The suits fantastic and it's a thrill."

6:57 PM

Weaving talks about his mask as the Red Skull, "I feel like I'm only a little bit into getting the mask to work."

Feige asks, "Do you want to see what we shot last week?"

[Description coming, this is one fast moving panel.]

7:02 PM

Our moderator rushes out "Thor" director Kenneth Branagh, "It was very exciting to be part of the Marvel universe."

Branagh talks about that while he grew up loving British comics, his favorite U.S. title was "Thor." He notes, "I loved the name, I loved the treatment on the comics. I loved the dysfunctional family."  He notes these movies need "Great characters, great performances and a great story." 

The cast is then introduced.  Tom Hiddleston is Loki.  Kat Dennings (Darci) is Darcy.  Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) gets a huge roar and, finally, Chris Hemsworth comes on stage to one just as big.

Regarding the hammer, Hemsworth says, "Looking at the comics and how the guy postured and how he held his weapon.  We worked out a number of different versions.  It's the same as the costume. It's a huge part of the character."

7:07 PM

Hemsworth gives lots of props to Anthony Hopkins.  Portman says it was an exciting opportunity to play a well loved character but one that Branagh "was open to creating new colors."  She was excited about playing a more real, frazzled, grounded scientist.

Portman backtracks on a previous conversation with moderator saying she missed event movies after the "Star Wars" series, instead saying it was the technique and challenge of doing green screen movies.  Uh, sure.

7:09 PM

Kat Dennings and Portman try to describe her character. They finally land on "protege." 

Hiddleston says his biggest challenge is that Loki is both the agent of chaos and the damaged younger brother.  He's not the "guy"  He could have been the "guy," but isn't.  He says Loki is insufficiently loved and that he's "a great liar and you can't tell if he's telling the truth."

7:12 PM

Clark Greg gives a funny annecdote about how no one really told him what he was saying in "Iron Man 2."  Basically, he had a big role in "Thor," but no one had told him.

7:19 PM

An extended preview plays. It sets up the story with Thor being cast out to Earth after having failed Odin (Anthony Hopkins).  Loki becomes ruler and Mjolnir falls to earth.  And like the sword in the stone myth only the true Thor or a hero can weld it.  Bizarrely, Thor cannot pick it up. That seems to be the crux of the story.  The footage was not wow-inducing like "Iron Man" before it, but it certainly looks interesting if not, for lack of a better word, minor.

Branagh says, "We have some Don Blake surprises in this movie.  Don't assume it isn't the case.  He may emerge in some other version of the story."

7:21 PM

Portman reveals that she will not appear in "The Avengers" movie.

7:24 PM

Feige gets some boos from the crowd when asked about Edward Norton not playing the Hulk.  He hints that you can't always keep "consistency" and today's panel isn't "over yet."

A lighter topic.  Hemsworth is asked about how heavy that hammer is to work with and it got "easier" during the film. He also reveals Branagh provided him with lots of resource info -- ie, books -- on comics, Norse, etc.

7:26 PM

Feige reveals Frank Castle, aka, The Punisher is now controlled by Marvel Studios and he may return soon.

Unfortunately, Feige also reveals Wolverine will not appear in "Captain America," because as most know, 20th Century Fox still controls that character. 

7:29 PM

Portman reveals she is very happy to work with Hugo Weaving again in the Marvel Family after "V for Vendetta."  Bless.

7:38 PM

Feige says, "I know it's late, but will you just stick around for a bit longer?"

A teaser plays with Nick Fury's voice and here comes The Avengers logo.

Samuel L. Jackson introduces the whole crew we know...Scarlett Johanson as the Black Widow, Evans as Captain America, Chris Hemsworth as Thor and, of course, Robert Downey, Jr. aka Iron Man.

Downey Jr, goes to the microphone asks everyone to hold off stabbing everyone then asks...


Jermey Renner as Hawkeye.

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner.

Director Joss Whedon.

A long, long standing ovation.

Whedon," I have had this dream all my life and it was not this good.  I want to thank Kevin so much for assembling my dream team.  This cast is more than I could have never dreamed of working with. I am going to blow it. I am not up to it. I need your love and your support."


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