Christmas Eve is traditionally the slowest day of the holiday frame and history repeated itself in 2010.  "Little Fockers" stayed on top of the box office for the third straight day with $5.1 million for $19.4 million so far.  The latest installment in the "Fockers," um, trilogy should have a more family friendly gross on Saturday and Sunday.

Amazingly consistent and jumping into the second slot also in its third day is the Coen bros.' "True Grit."  The new adaptation of Charles Portis' novel found another $4.8 million for $16 million to date.  The Western should hit close to $30 million by Sunday.  Not to shabby for an Oscar contender that cost around $35 million.

Dropping to third was "Tron Legacy."  The potential Disney franchise sold just $3.9 million worth of tickets for an eight-day cume of $72 million.  There is little doubt the Sci-Fi sequel to the original and groundbreaking 1984 flick will pass $100 million by New Year's Day.

Look for further box office updates for the holiday weekend tomorrow on HitFix.

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