Considering how badly last year's "Saw VI" performed at the box office, executives at Lionsgate must be breathing a sigh of relief over "Saw 3D's" $10.7 million debut on Friday.  The previous installment opened to a shocking  $14.1 million, far below the previous $30-33 million debuts of the "Saw II-V."  At this rate however, "Saw 3D" should at least find $23-25 million over the holiday weekend.  And yes, those higher 3D ticket prices won't hurt.

Dropping over 70% from last Friday's opening was "Paranormal Activity 2."  The other horror flick in the marketplace grossed $5.8 million on Friday for a new eight-day total of $54.9 million.  For the weekend, "PA2" should scare up between $16-18 million total, but it's hard to see this thriller matching the original's $107 million take from only a year ago.

Still chugging along in third was the Bruce Willis and Helen Mirren thriller "Red" with another $3.4 million and a new overall cume of $52.4 million.

The fourth slot was occupied by "Jackass 3D" which laughed up another $3.1 million and should -- no joke -- pass the $100 million mark by Sunday.  The film's success clearly shows there was a void in the marketplace this month for a funny comedy aimed at younger audiences (unlike "Red" for example).

Rounding out the top five was Clint Eastwood's "Hereafter" which found $2.4 million on Friday and should end up with another $5-6 million for the three-day.  The afterlife drama has grossed $17.4 million to date.

Look for final weekend estimates tomorrow on HitFix.

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