It wasn't the reception she received seven years ago when she made her debut at Comic-Con to promote "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life," but Angelina Jolie brought some major star power to San Diego in a last ditch pitch for her new thriller "Salt."

Debuting tomorrow, the Philip Noyce-directed thriller finds Jolie playing a CIA agent who is accused of being a Russian mole planted in the U.S. by a group of Soviet extremists.  Jolie has jumped into action before, most recently in "Wanted," but claims she found "Salt" more grounded in reality.

"I had done a bunch of action movies, but they were always based in fantasy.  This was the first time it was based in reality and it made the action harder and tougher and made it a lot more fun," Jolie says after a question from the packed hall of 6,000 fans.

Jolie actually worked with Noyce years ago before she became an Oscar-winner in the Denzel Washington thriller "The Bone Collector."  A lot has happened since then both professionally and personally.

"We both changed and grown up a lot, especially me," Jolie says bluntly. "Philip is one of the rare directors who take stories seriously and at the same time loves and understands [both the drama and] the action sequences and the big fun in those movies. Because of Philip those films are both."

One thing that has remained constant is Jolie's penchant for doing as many of her own stunts as possible. Noyce volunteers, "I found that Angelina wanted to do every stunt and she did. There is no CGI or stunt double in the movie. That's her."

Moviegoers may find that hard to believe after seeing the action flick, but Jolie has the scars to prove it.

"I got injured in one ridiculously easy stunt," Jolie admitted. "All I needed to do was jump into a door and I rolled right into a desk. I cracked the front of my head and I was bleeding and I have a little scar now.  We came back a few hours later.  I thought I had some problem because I couldn't hear anyone on and I forgot I had my earplugs in. I was fine."

Jolie later remarked, "I think the stunts are better in this movie than ones I've one. And the character, she's a fascinating character.  She's really interested, damaged sort of person. I think people will identify with her and relate to her."

As for "Salt" herself, it's a character Jolie finds hard to describe without spoiling many of the films twists and turns.

"There was a real duplicity to her personality and there is part of her that is not necessarily a good guy," Jolie says. "She's a bit damaged. She's not just heroic, she's not just brave. There is something off about her and maybe there is something a bit off about me."

By the end of the quick 30-minute conversation, Jolie showed just how much she'd grown since her "Lara Croft" debut.  Unlike many of the big stars who rush off the podium, she turned to the audience, waved goodbye and said "Thank you for coming!"  It is such a rare and polite occurrence it actually got one of the bigger cheers from the crowd. 

"Salt" opens nationwide tomorrow.

With over a decade of experience in the movie industry, Ellwood survived working for two major studios and has written for Variety, MSN and the LA Times. A co-founder of HitFix, Ellwood spends his time relaxing hitting 3’s on the basketball court and following his beloved Clippers.